One Church Plan Comparison Chart

The One Church Plan provides a generous unity that gives conferences, churches and pastors unique flexibility to reach their missional context without disbanding the connectional nature of The United Methodist Church.

In the One Church Plan, no annual conferences, bishops, congregations or pastors are compelled to act contrary to their convictions. The plan maintains the leadership structure of The United Methodist Church, including the Council of Bishops, the General Conference and the annual conferences as one body and one church. It offers greater freedom to many who desire change but do not want to violate The Book of Discipline. Voting is kept to a minimum except where it is helpful. No mandate will require local churches, conferences or pastors to participate in a vote that divides, segments or separates. The United Methodist Church remains in connection, upholding unity of mission without uniformity of practice.

The plan grants space for traditionalists to continue to offer ministry as they have in the past, for progressives to exercise freely a more complete ministry with LGBTQ individuals and for all United Methodists to continue to coexist without disrupting ministries.

Additionally, this plan creates space for annual conferences in various part of the world to practice ministry according to their national or regional contexts with the connectional autonomy of the adaptable portions of the Discipline.

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