Joining with the many others speaking about their hope for the future of The United Methodist Church as the special called session of General Conference draws near, a group of John Wesley Fellows has issued the statement below. Speaking for the group Drs. Rebekah Miles and Steve Harper said, “We want to express our appreciation for the work of The Way Forward Commission and The Council of Bishops, and voice our support for The One Church Plan.”

Here is their statement…

A Statement of Support for the One Church Plan by a Group of John Wesley Fellows

As the called session of General Conference in St. Louis draws near, we want to register our support of the One Church Plan. We do not speak officially for A Foundation for Theological Education, nor do we claim to represent the entirety of the John Wesley Fellowship.

Rather, we speak as a group of Fellows who wish to state our affirmation of the One Church Plan as the overall best design for the future of The United Methodist Church. We do so particularly opposing the expressed or implied bent toward schism or dissolution that some are voicing. And we also do not agree with the way some are using words like biblical, orthodox, and Wesleyan to make their case, instead believing there are other legitimate ways to speak of them.

In supporting the One Church Plan, we recognize that it is not perfect, but it gives us a spacious and generous place to stand as we move into the future, and as we continue the work to better incarnate Wesley’s admonition to “do no harm” toward any individual or group of people.

We join with everyone in praying for the General Conference session in February, and we do so with the hope that the institutional unity of The United Methodist Church will be preserved through the implementation of the One Church Plan.

Signers (as of January 8, 2019) listed in order of selection for membership in the Society of John Wesley Scholars

  • Steve Harper 1977
  • Paul Chilcote 1979
  • Dan G. Johnson 1981
  • Mark Abbott 1983
  • Michael G. Cartwright 1985
  • L. Dan Hawk 1985
  • Alan Padgett 1986
  • Priscilla Pope-Levison 1986
  • D. Stephen Long 1988
  • Rebekah Miles 1988
  • K. K. Yeo 1990
  • Kenda Creasy Dean 1991
  • Lester Ruth 1991
  • Brent Laytham 1993
  • Elaine Heath 1998
  • Jason Byassee 1999
  • Charlie Collier 2000
  • Roger Owens 2001
  • Joel Marcus LeMon 2003
  • Kristin S. Oh 2004
  • Melanie Dobson 2007
  • Stephen S. Cady 2010
  • Zhenya Gurina Rodriguez 2012
  • Amy Valdez Barker 2012
  • Natalya Cherry 2013
  • Collin Mueller 2014
  • Maureen Knudsen Langdoc 2015

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