Commission’s Legislative Proposals

The report of the Commission on a Way Forward and the related legislative proposals are now posted publicly on the Judicial Council website.

Uniting Methodists strongly support the One Church Plan which the majority of both the Commission and the Council of Bishops have endorsed. Additional information to help in understanding the content of the One Church Plan and its benefits will be appearing on this site over the next days. Please check back periodically for updates.

  • Exhibit D is the full report of the Commission on a Way Forward and begins on page 131 of the posting and continues through Page 224.
  • Exhibits A, B, and C are the specific legislative petitions necessary to implement what is summarized in the Commission’s report (Exhibit D).
  • Exhibit E is the revised “call” stating the purpose of the special session of General Conference in February 2019. It begins on page 225 of the posting.
  • Exhibit F beginning on page 228 of the posting shows the result of the Council of Bishop’s vote to refer the report to the special session of General Conference.