Relentlessly focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ.

United Methodists are eager to spend less time on internal Church arguments and more time loving God and neighbor. They are are yearning for a bolder vision, a hunger for justice, and commitments to open our arms with an embrace big enough to include all people.

In the aftermath of the actions of the 2019 Special General Conference, and the widespread repudiation of the resulting exclusionary practices harming LGBTQ people and penalties for clergy engaged in pastoral care, the people called United Methodists are searching for a resolution to our conflicts through a process that will lead to a more faithful and effective future.

Through the collaboration of many, including the Uniting Methodists, UMCNext, and Mainstream UMC networks, a faithful, hopeful, and practical set of legislative proposals for action at the 2020 General Conference have been fashioned as the Next Generation UMC Plan.

Uniting Methodists stand with others to encourage careful and prayerful consideration of these sound and achievable steps as together we set the sights of The United Methodist Church on welcoming all persons into the saving fellowship of Jesus Christ and reaching out through unflinching ministries of compassion and justice to transform the world.

Posts of support and affirmation:

“We are walking together at a different pace.”

A perspective from Pastor Sungho Lee (Concord UMC, Cal.-Nev. AC) Last year, we had a “holy conferencing” session at our annual conference. Annual conference delegates were mixed in small groups. No one person was from the same church in a group. Clergy and lay were...

A Special Word from Bishop David Graves

Friends, Last week the United Methodist Church was in the national media headlines regarding a potential split in the denomination. A press release about a proposed agreement for separation sparked this media attention. Many of the secular headlines caused...

Grace to Be the Church We Are Becoming

Uniting Methodists along with people across The UMC have today received a gift from a cross-section of faithful leaders proposing a “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation.” We commend the participants, who represented an array of perspectives and...

Gift of Hope

Across the United Methodist connection many experience impatience, discouragement, weariness, and anxiety as we continue to grapple with the fallout from the 2019 Special Session of General Conference. A palpable feeling of looming, intense struggles over what to...

Uniting Methodists is a movement rather than an organization. As a movement we are striving for greater inclusion and genuine representation in pursuit of shared goals. The statements found on this website represent our current consensus about important questions before the church. We invite suggestions, critique, and engaging conversations from persons across the UMC. The Uniting Methodists Leadership Team views this work as iterative and certain to be added to and enhanced over time.

* Uniting Methodists is a not-for-profit movement made up of members of The United Methodist Church and is not associated in any way with Room for All, Inc., an LGBTQ advocacy organization in the Reformed Church in America.

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